Produse si Servicii

classic glass

Transparent thermal insulating glass – from FLOAT 4mm + FLOAT 4mm to FLOAT 12mm + 88.2 LowE

security proof glass

"A" – protection against thrown objects
"B" – burglar proof panes
"C" – bullet proof panes
"D" – hardened panes

sunscreened glass

  • Coloured thermal insulating glass PLANIBEL (bronze, grey, green), from PLANIBEL 4mm + FLOAT 4mm to PLANIBEL 10mm + 88.2 LowE
  • Thermal insulating glass with a classic reflexive glass, from REFLEXIVE 4mm + FLOAT 4mm, to REFLEXIVE 10mm + 88.2 LowE (8mm)

panes with high level of thermal and noise insulation

glass works for the furniture industry:

Thermal insulating glass with a decorative glass coating – Krizet, Screen, Cincilla, Scoarta, Delta etc Cutting and processing of glass - frosting, edging, shaping, cutting, drilling, safety glass

glass for spider glass walls (with Dorma or Casma...

glass for glass curtain walls and facade works...

tempered and laminated glass for stairs and...